Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something That Says "Summer"

On my way to and from the neighborhood park to read this evening, I took some pictures of what says "summer" to me for the LGRAB Summer Games.  I have more than just hinted at it before, but dusk/sunset is definitely one my favorite things about summer.  There is just something in the energy of the air at this time.  The crickets are loud, the street lights are coming on, and the lightning bugs are all in sync with the glow of the sky.

This is also the time of day that if I have spent anytime outside whatsoever,  I start to feel the affects of summer on my skin.  The sweat starts to dry or the freckles start to show up.  Of course I am a loyal wearer of sunblock, but the light of the sunset is when I begin to see the lack of color on my skin disappear.  Which reminds me of the song Summer Skin by Death Cab for Cutie. -A

P agrees and the first picture is from her evening.

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